How do I know if my car wheel has diamond cut rims?

You are able to see if your wheel is diamond cut if on close inspection you are able to see very fine lines created by the cutting machine and has a "shiny" appearance. However, this may be harder to distinguish if your wheels are either old or corroded. Not all wheels can be diamond cut as this depends on the profile of the face of the wheel. Our specialist at We Fix Wheels will advise you if this is possible.

Will a diamond cut finish on my rims last?

Diamond cut wheels will not retain their finish as long as a powder coated wheel would. Any small damage to the lacquer may allow liquid to seep in-between the lacquer and the alloy, leaving patches on the diamond cut finish.

How many times can you re-cut a diamond cut wheel?

Depending on the diamond cut rim repair required, usually 1 to 2 cuts. However, our specialists will advise you if the rim has been compromised and advise if you should rather power coat your refurb. Each rim is individually assessed by our specialists and you should inform us if you are aware that your rim has been cut before.

Are there different types of diamond cut rim refurbishment?

There are different standards of diamond cut alloy repair. It is important that you use a Diamond Cut Rim specialist such as We Fix Wheels.

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